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NightCrawlers Canadian NightCrawlers are Full Size, All Natural, Healthy and Virus Free. Night Crawlers are a nutritious source of protein food and as live bait. Feed your reptiles, amphibians, fish, lizards, geckos, chickens, bearded dragons, snakes, birds and much more. Raised on All Natural Grains and Products, they are the perfect size for adult small animals and easy to use as live fish bait for your fishing adventures.

The Canadian NightCrawler makes alluring bait to most fish, so if you're ready to catch your prize fish on your next fishing trip, be sure to use these beauties.

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Your Crickets, WaxWorms, Nightcrawlers, MealWorms, Superworms and Giant Mealworms from Meal Worms Live are all natural, healthy, virus free, hormone free, parasite free and are delivered to your door fresh & delicious for your animalsand fishing trips. With 17 years of experience farming and raising these live insects, our technology and techniques are state of the art to ensure you receive the highest quality live feeders and live bait possible. Your satisfaction and the happiness of your animals are our priority everyday. We offer live crickets, wax worms, mealworms, king mealworms, superworms, nightcrawlers, fishing bait and giant mealworms at great prices with excellent, reliable shipping services. We make your ordering experience easy and accept payments through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Order Today!


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